Article on Actors with impressive voices

Back in the day, radio was a large part of what entertained the masses. There is a saying, would listen to him (or her) read the phonebook. That implies the idea that someone had a voice you could happily listen to for hours on end, hence the very popular audio book and also the podcast.

But for films and television series, a character with such a voice that gives that extra amount of gravitas, emotion and generally an aura of importance.

So, lets top ten this theory. Here, I won't be listing the obvious, people like Morgan Freeman, Stephen Fry or James Earl Jones, impressive though they are. No, here I will be picking those that aren't automatically thought off.

(There are definitely more than ten out there, but for now, ten it shall be. And yes, I'm well aware I will be missing a few names on this list.)

John Noble. The man is a native of South Australia and yet his English accent is stronger and firmer than most and has that tone that will send shivers down your spine.

Film Review: Tomb Raider

Something I distinctly remember while watching the first Angelina Jolie Tomb Raider film, was thinking and wondering about the in between moments. What exactly happened between she was a kid and when she was a full blown bad ass, experienced in the arts of archaeology and supernatural madness.

Every warrior portrayed on the silver and small screen has their crucible moment and I was so very curious about Lara Croft's.

Thankfully, in the seventeen year gap between the first and this most recent adaptation of the popular video game, I wasn't the only one who wanted to know.

And doubly so, because this film did not disappoint.

First off, the casting.

Having Alicia Vikander, despite having won an Academy Award and popping up in films in the supporting capacity - she is still in the relatively unknown category - was a masterstroke. Her portrayal of Lara Croft is raw, honest and quite heartbreakingly beautiful in her relative innocence. This is an origins story after all, and her La…

Film Review: Three billboards outside Ebbing Missouri

I so wanted to be able to say that Martin McDonagh has performed a hat trick with his most recent feature film.

Thankfully, I can. Mr McDonagh has written and directed one of the best films of 2017, with the actress Frances McDormand, giving a powerhouse performance, and almost certainly ensuring an Oscar nomination for her role.

This is a dark comedy, but its not one for beginners to the genre. Ms McDormand's character, Mildred Hayes, will have you laughing one second and tearing up the next. The drama in this film is real and palpable and you can almost touch the emotions happening up there on the screen.

Sam Rockwell is almost unrecognisable in this film, as the policeman Dixon, who at first glance seems simple enough, but there are many layers to his character that are revealed throughout. If the Academy has any clue as to what constitutes a masterly performance, he'll be up there holding the statuette alongside Ms McDormand.

Similarly, Woody Harrelson, Abbie Cornish, Cale…

To Possess or impersonate

For every sci-fi and supernatural series out there, there are at least one or two instances of a character being possessed by someone else or something else. Or someone doing a fine job of impersonating someone else.

So here, is a list of some of the standout performances. Major spoilers ahead. You have been warned!

In True Blood, there were some "skin walkers" those who could take on the form of another person. Which meant the actor portraying Sam Merlotte, (Sam Trammell) had some extra work when he had to give the realistic portrayal of when his half brother - Tommy was pretending to be him.

And of course there was the stunning performances by the late great Nelsan Ellis, when his character Lafayette, was possessed by first whatever Maryann was into, the witch Marnie, a young black girl from the past, Jesus's family member, Sookie's late father, he was consistent and impressive with all the extra characters he took on during the show's tenure.
And let's not…

TV Series Review: Strike

For as long as there have been mysteries, there have been people to solve them. Private detectives, police people, consulting detectives, army types, Mi5, Mi6, spooks, G-Men, CIA, its easy to get lost in the myriad of them all.

Which makes it all the harder for a new one to stand out from the rest.

Cormoran Strike, ex-army, fits the bill of the usual with an interesting character and mysterious backstory that gets tantalisingly dripped out and sprinkled in with the case of the week, but what makes this character different and stand out from the rest, for me at least, is his sense of humour.

Plenty of detective films/series have one, but sometimes it just the plot with the comedic elements, or the characters themselves.

Not both, like this one. And another element that goes hand in hand - the humanity. Both Strike and his new receptionist/assistant, Robin Ellacott - have it, but not overly so, or barely showing.

Its a real person, people that they're portraying here and that is ref…

Film Review: The family Fang

Dysfunctional families have long since been a staple of the cinema, the history of film is littered with them, for the very good reason that they're popular, funny, entertaining, and occasionally one or two made with a few teary moments that really do cut to the bone and make some interesting observations that stick with you long after the credits have given their moment of much needed relief.

This one, is most definitely of the latter, an unique film among others that definitely deserves some accolades.

Jason Bateman for directing and starring in a story that involves a concept that is both divisive and debate worthy.

A family that creates and participates in 'art pieces' - ordinary situations that have a dark spin to provoke a response.

Jason Bateman and Nicole Kidman are the siblings to parents Christopher Walken & Maryann Plunkett (in the flashbacks, Jason Butler Harner & Kathryn Hahn) and in present time, they're both getting on with their lives, with vary…

Article on those who scare

There are plenty of scary characters out there in the films and tv series. They can be the good guys or the bad guys, or even both. Not just in the horror genre, but in the rest as well.

But there is a smaller grouping, those of the characters that really make your hair stand on end, shivers down your spine and make you properly tense until they meet a satisfying end that ensures that they won't suddenly make a comeback later.

Within this group, there are some actors who portray them, who manage to not only to scare the viewers, but also their fellow actors on set. Despite them being the ones that know full well how the story ends and if their characters live to fight another day.

So, let's honour a few of those who have the presence to wet the pants of those on set.

The late (great) Heath Ledger. While on set, Michael Caine (a screen veteran) hadn't yet met Mr Ledger before, so when he comes to the penthouse and performed, Mr Caine was frightened to an extent that he forg…