Film Review: Premium Rush

As I write, I have now seen this film three times and still want to watch it again. And again.

Its a simple, but well written story, with Joseph Gordon Levitt portraying the protagonist, a bike messenger in New York City, known to all as Wilee and as someone who rides with no brakes.

Dangerous living and one day it gets worse, when a dodgy detective (portrayed so well by Michael Shannon) is after him and what he is delivering.

The reasons behind it all are told in flashbacks, in all the main characters' point of view, which match up so well.


  1. The first quote comes from another film that uses the word Douche bag to great effect.
    “Gust Avrakotos: Yeah, well I'd like to take a moment to review the several ways in which you're a douche bag.”

    And the second comes from a film that I can also watch over and over again and never get bored.

    “Agent Sands: [On The Phone] Listen, I cannot do everything by myself. I need someone to go in there with me. No! I lost my inside man, probably dead. And Cucuy, greedy turd that he is, has ratted me out and has disappeared. Plus, I'm pretty sure the Cartel's shadowing me. Now, listen. I have got a swell bunch of guys going to intercept Marquez's army, but they've got no guns! Now listen. I want you to understand me. This is no time to screw the pooch because this is supposed to be the big dance number. Hello? Hello, are you there? Ok, ok I'm going to freak right out!”


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