Film Review: The Bourne Legacy

From the makers of the first three Bourne films, comes a fourth, set during the second and third of the former.

From the premise that "Bourne was the tip of the iceberg" comes a whole background of other agents, focussing on one - Aaron Cross, portrayed by Jeremy Renner.

The other focus is on Doctor Marta Shearing, portrayed by Rachel Weisz, who is instrumental in the improved physiology of these agents.

Like the other films, this too is a good thriller, with a few chase scenes and some sly bits of humour on the side, just to keep things somewhat cheerful. Mostly though, things are serious and everything is on the line.

Most of the main players from the earlier films are back, Edward Norton is added to the cast, as is Oscar Isaacs, Corey Stoll and Donna Murphy.

One slight thing though, that may prevent this film being considered truly excellent, is that the screenwriter, director, assume that the audience is up to speed on the Bourne stories and knows what is going on and why the huge reaction to what Jason Bourne is up to.

So, some people may be confused as to what is going on. Some title cards at the beginning of the film, may have clarified this.

Aside from this, a highly enjoyable film that is worth watching, not just to see what bits you may have missed the first time.


  1. This quote comes from another excellent spy thriller, with some carefully inserted bits of humour.

    “Doctor #1: [to Bond, who is going into cardiac arrest] Stay calm and don't interrupt. Because you'll be dead within two minutes unless you do exactly what I tell you.
    James Bond: I'm all ears.”


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