Film Review: Red 2

Using the same elements from the first film that worked so well, a great cast, humorous lines and over the top action, they bring all this to the second with a new, just as dangerous situation.

With same cast, essential with film sequels, but with a few new additions; Anthony Hopkins and Catherine Zeta Jones to name roughly half, and new hilarious one liners, this is a highly entertaining thrill ride from beginning to end.

Bruce Willis, Mary Louise Parker, Helen Mirren, John Malkovich all join forces to save the world, and actually do a little globe hopping in the process, showing us the places you don't normally see in a guided tour.

London, Paris, New Jersey, Moscow and somewhere else fun at the end.

Plenty of laughs, and so not to be missed.


  1. This quote comes from another film with quite a few one liners, and a similar high body count:

    “[trapped on the upper floor of a hotel by Marquez's men] El Mariachi: Any suggestions, Ms. "Why don't we get a room on the 5th floor so we can see the beautiful sunset"?”


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