TV Show Review: Rake

Not only is this show seriously entertaining in each episode from start to finish, a second season has been confirmed and will more than likely premiere in the new year of 2012.

Richard Roxburgh effortlessly leads the cast as the criminal defence attorney - Cleaver Greene who's personal and professional life is hanging by threads, and that's shown pretty quickly from the pilot onwards and gets steadily worse from there.
Despite his character's numerous faults, he is good at what he does, both inside and outside the courtroom and throughout it all, keeps his sense of humour and despite what is shown, a small sense of morals.

Its set in Sydney, New South Wales, but thankfully, not all is set in the Sydney that's most often described in the guidebooks. They also show the dark side, but with Mr Roxburgh's character right in the middle, it doesn't scare off the audience too quickly.

I recommend this show to anyone who readily enjoys quality Australian productions, you won't be disappointed.


  1. RAKE SERIES 2 DRAMA (8 x 60’)
    In the second season of RAKE the bar gets even lower. Sadly that epicentre of chaos, Cleaver Greene, (Richard Roxburgh) has learned nothing from disaster. He is in the midst of a wild affair with a woman whose position makes her a very dangerous liaison. A powerful enraged husband joins Harry-Sorry-David (Matt Day) and the still furious Scarlett (Danielle Cormack) on the list of sworn enemies of Cleaver. His deepening debts require an onerous payment plan with another dangerous woman. Not entirely convenient, as ex-wife Wendy (Carolyn Brazier) may be warming romantically. And then there’s Missy (Adrienne Pickering) – gone, but with an undiminished capacity for surprise. Cleaver pushes the loyalty of Barney (Russell Dykstra) and Nicole (Kate Box) as he defends suicide bombers, psychotic schoolgirls, a pedantic chameleon, an international pariah and a serial bobbitter – allegedly. Produced by Ian Collie, Peter Duncan and Richard Roxburgh. Written by Peter Duncan and Andrew Knight. An Essential Media and Entertainment production in association with ABC TV and Screen NSW.

  2. This quote comes from another quality tv show:

    "Private Baldrick: I have a plan, sir.
    Captain Blackadder: Really Baldrick? A cunning and subtle one?
    Private Baldrick: Yes, sir.
    Captain Blackadder: As cunning as a fox who's just been appointed Professor of Cunning at Oxford University?
    Private Baldrick: Yes, sir."


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