TV Show Review: Teen Wolf

If I had to pick, teen dramas as TV shows and remakes are usually two things that I try to avoid, unless I know the quality will be excellent.

So, I was quite surprised when a TV show episode combining those two things intrigued me and was actually worth watching.

Thanks to the rise of fantasy themes, werewolves have been simplified and made to look a lot cuter than usual.
In this, not only are the normal teen angst themes studiously avoided, they've also made sure that the werewolves are properly scary looking and out of control monsters, that most sane people would avoid.

The other plus point, is the main actor, Tyler Posey. After his appearance in the romantic comedy, Maid in Manhattan, where he manages to present a solid character with Stanley Tucci, Ralph Fiennes and Jennifer Lopez with him, I guess I shouldn't be that surprised to find that he carries this series with the same maturity.


  1. The following quotes come from other films/tv shows that also surprised me with their quality:

    "[approaching the entrance to Castle Dracula] Carl: Do we have a plan? I mean, it doesn't have to be Wellington's at Waterloo, but some kind of plan would be nice.
    Van Helsing: We're going to go in there and stop Dracula.
    Anna Valerious: And kill anyone who gets in our way.
    Carl: [quickly turns around] Well, you let me know how that goes..."

    "Charlie Chaplin: Yes, well, uh, as you've already said Mr. Hoover, Motion Pictures are for the people; most of the people work for a living, and they don't make much money doing it; gives them pleasure to see an official from the upper classes getting a kick up the backside. Always has, and it always will; and if that can change things, so much the better."


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