TV Show Review: The Straits

First off, a warning. I did not see the entirety of the pilot episode of this show. Surprising, I know, but those are the facts.

Now, there are highly intense TV dramas. And there is this one. This one, defies all normal levels of intensity and fixes it at a atmospherically high level. And then raises it again. My current theory, its because the makers of the show started off by making documentaries, and they kept this style for this show.

It is set in Australia, Papua New Guinea, but like Rake another quality TV show, it doesn't show the tourist sites, very much the opposite in fact.

It is brilliantly well made, but you don't want to watch this just for production values and the cast, both of which are truly great. Big mistake if you do that.


  1. This quote is from an almost as intense program, also with small amounts of humour:

    "Eddie Burton: [over radio] All clear on the western front, Guy.
    Dave Shilling: [grabbing the radio from Guy] No names, Eddie.
    Eddie Burton: [over radio] Sorry, Dave."


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