Film Review: Season of the Witch

Yes, I know this film was released in cinemas and later on DVD a while ago, but since the majority of reviews on it were negative in the extreme, I decided to play it safe and wait for it come onto Foxtel.

Because of my limited expectations, thanks to the aforementioned negative reviews, I quickly assumed that this film would be quite awful.

Imagine my surprise then, to find it was quite entertaining. True, the people portraying plague victims looked quite disgusting and there were a few moments when I watched the film behind closed eyelids, but aside from that, it wasn't a bad way to spend an hour and a half.

In amongst the action scenes and bits of horror, there were moments of humour, which kept it from getting too dark.

It was directed by Dominic Sena, probably best known for Gone in Sixty Seconds, which also had Nicolas Cage playing the main character.

The rest of the main cast: Ron Perlman, Stephen Campbell Moore, Stephen Graham, Ulrich Thomsen all bring their bare minimum of their acting ability, which is still quite good. And of course Christopher Lee, who's acting ability comes through, even though he looks as though he has what looks like potato eyes growing on his face.
The two who bring their all are Claire Foy and Robert Sheehan and they are probably the most fun to watch in this film. Yes, there are probably more plot holes than Jumper, but its not something that bothers too much.

My favourite part of the film was the fight scene between Mr Perlman and Mr Sheehan's character. That was funny.


  1. These quotes comes from two films you have to suspend a lot of belief, but is still worthwhile doing that.
    "Edward Gardner: The girls will be herding the fairies back this way. I'm certain both girls are clairvoyant, and perhaps mediums as well. Together, they create an etheric field which allows the fairies to metabolize subtle amounts of ectoplasm into their bodies. That's how they're able to capture them on film. Do you see? No. Well, uhm... Well I don't expect you to understand."

    Becky Barnes: [in a touching moment] Something about you seems different.
    Dave: I'm wearing new shoes."


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