TV Miniseries Review: Neverland

This miniseries was shown, as one three hour film on channel ten recently and being a fan of Rhys Ifan's work so far, decided to give it a go, despite the mostly negative reviews.

I am very much I did, because I enjoyed every moment immensely. It takes the Peter Pan story as we all know and love and decides to go back to what might have been the origins and the back story of it all.

Charles Dance, Anna Friel, Q'orianka Kilcher, Raoul Trujillo and Charlie Rowe round out the rest of the cast, with great performances from them and the supporting cast as well.

The originality of it was joyous, the production design, just as much so.

What I really liked, beyond the adventures of the storyline and the thrills, was that Bob Hoskins once more took up his role of Smee, that he first portrayed in the film Hook. Such a laugh that was. Even gave it a sense of continuity.

Well worth the three hours.


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