TV Film Review: Jack Irish - Bad Debts

From the writer creator of Rake, Andrew Knight, comes another well scripted Australian drama series with another brilliant Australian actor as the title character.

Which is course - Guy Pearce, who is supported by a stellar cast of old favourites from every Australian film ever made.

A tense gritty drama that also has its comedic moments. This is part one of two, which is a shame, but then, was also an hour and a half long.

Reminds me of another gritty drama that is being made in the UK, which is based on a well known detective.

I'm curious why this show has been limited to only two episodes. Hopefully, more will be made.


  1. This quote comes from another TV show, which is referenced in the review.

    “Sherlock Holmes: Nice touch.
    Dr. John Watson: I haven't pulled rank in ages.
    Sherlock Holmes: Did you enjoy it?
    Dr. John Watson: Oh yeah.”


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