Film Review: The Amazing Spiderman

After a while of trying to work out a Spiderman 4, they decided to to start again and reboot the whole thing.
Take it back the beginning and start fresh. New actors, new storyline.

And after watching what they came up with, I am really glad that they did.

Director of 500 Days of Summer and and the writer of seven of the Harry Potter films come together (with a couple of others) to make a highly entertaining film.

Andrew Garfield, not just a pretty face with a fair few extremely well acted films in his repertoire, is stunning here.  And I love that they gave the character a sense of humour and cockiness. He may have super powers, but at the same time, he's a teenager and all that that entails.

Emma Stone is also great here as the love interest, with a brain and it goes without saying that the same goes for Rhys Ifans, as the conflicted scientist, trying to do good. 

The rest of the supporting cast, Sally Fields, Denis Leary and Martin Sheen, are also noteworthy, putting in great performances, to make the whole film worth watching.

The effects are brilliant and the story is such you want to watch it again so you can see it from all angles.

....Like a spider.

Not only this, but a sequel is in the works, with the original cast returning (always essential), with the director, and Jamie Foxx and Paul Giamatti are joining them.


  1. This quote comes from an action story, also with a sense of humour for the main characters.

    “Stanley Goodspeed: "I'd take pleasure in guttin' you, boy. I'd take pleasure in guttin' you... boy." What is wrong with these people, huh? Mason? Don't you think there's a lot of, uh, a lot of anger flowing around this island? Kind of a pubescent volatility? Don't you think? A lotta angst, a lot of "I'm sixteen, I'm angry at my father" syndrome? I mean grow up! We're stuck on an island with a bunch of violence-for-pleasure-seeking psychopathic marines, SHAME-ON-THEM! [clears throat] Anyway, I only got one chem round, and there's two left... Mason?
    John Mason: Yes, I'm here. I was just thinking how wonderful it was when the inmates weren't allowed to talk in here.”


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