Film Review: Not Suitable for Children

Very unique, a film with a multipurpose title.

Not only does it act as the title of this story, but also the apt description of the main character in the first opening scene of the film.
And the rating of the film as well.
Although, if it was just the rating, it could be lengthened to include: grandparents, parents and in-laws.

Ryan Kwanten portrays Jonah Reid, who it seems is merely out to have a good time partying, with friends and housemates Gus and Stevie (Ryan Corr and Sarah Snook) and the party guests.

In the midst of all this, he gets a cancer scare, testicular cancer to be exact, and the treatment will render him infertile.
His priorities get a reshuffle and he decides what he really wants, is to become a dad.

Due to specific circumstances leaving him no other option, he realises he has less than a month to find someone to carry the baby.
And considering his track record, the future is bleak.

But he continues on his quest, and this provides the basis for a really funny and entertaining film.

Mr Kwanten and Ms Snook provide the majority of the gags, with Mr Corr contributing here and there,
let it be known that the facial expressions on all three at certain moments are just priceless.

I laughed out loud and really enjoyed watching this film.


  1. This quote comes from another entertaining Australian film.

    “Dave: Before we go than, girls when I met you you were doing all country and western thing and that's fine we all make mistakes. But here is what we learn from that mistake. Country and western music is about loss. Soul music is also about loss. But the difference is in country and western music, they've lost, they've given up and they are just all whining about it. In soul music they are struggling to get it back, they haven't given up.”


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