Film Review: Rush

The director of The Da Vinci Code and the writer of Frost/Nixon create a movie about racing car drivers, James Hunt and Niki Lauda, and it is nothing short of a very enjoyable thrill/dramatic/comedy ride for the whole two hours.

What is truly special from the excellent acting ability of the two leads, Chris Hemsworth, (sounding eerily like the late great Heath Ledger) as James Hunt and Daniel Bruhl as Niki Lauda, is that even if you haven't watched a single formula one race or like the motor industry at all, you still care how they fare in this passion of theirs, as their lives take some ups and intense downs.

The script and the acting truly make this film shine, and the detailing in costume and production design (its set in the 1970's) take it to a whole new level.

What I really think makes the tension rise and fall, is the score from Hans Zimmer. Truly spectacular.


  1. This quote comes from another film, all elements perfect and also had some funny lines and dramatic parts.

    “[Eddie has his feet up on the desk] Frankie Dunn: You got big holes in your socks.
    Eddie Scrap-Iron Dupris: Oh, they're not that big.
    Frankie Dunn: Didn't I give you money for some new ones?
    Eddie Scrap-Iron Dupris: These are my sleeping socks. My feet like a little air at night.
    Frankie Dunn: How come you're wearing them in the daytime, then?
    Eddie Scrap-Iron Dupris: 'Cause my daytime socks got too many holes in them.”


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