Film Review: Short Term 12

Director and writer Destin Daniel Crettin has crafted a truly beautiful film, based on his own experiences working in a group home, for teenagers with nowhere else to go.

Its painfully realistic, but with small moments of humour, that don't feel forced or corny.

Those in the film business, no matter what position you hold, film students also, should take note. Every aspect of this film is perfect. Including the handheld camera work, its personal and it moves but you don't feel dizzy.

The acting also - Brie Larson, John Gallagher Jr, Keith Stanfield Kaitlyn Dever and Rami Malek and the other kids are utterly brilliant and believable, especially the two leads, Ms Larson and Mr Gallagher, understated and excellent.

Its not a pretty picture, but the hope that comes from all of them is worth the retail price alone.


  1. This quote comes from another film based on a true story, with bits of real humour.

    “Ronnie "Sunshine" Bass: I can't make that pitch Coach.
    Coach Boone: Yes you can. When I was fifteen years old I lost my mother and my father in the same month Ronnie, same month. 12 brothers and sisters I was the youngest one of them, now I wasn't ready either, but they needed me. Your team needs you tonight, you're the Colonel, you're going to command your troops! Twins right 48 zero read, *go!*
    Coach Paul 'Doc' Hines: You have twelve brothers and sisters?
    Coach Boone: Eight.
    Coach Paul 'Doc' Hines: Yeah, twelve sounds better.”


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