Film Review: Thor the Dark World

Once again, a sequel that is just as entertaining, if not more than the first, is made. A new trend in film making, long may it continue.

That said, one of the crucial aspects, keeping the same actors from the original was slightly overlooked with one - Josh Dallas who portrayed Fandral was kept too busy with the TV series Once Upon a Time - to be able to film this. So Zachary Levi stepped in, who was actually in line to play the character originally. And unlike sequels that attempt changes in casting, its not painfully obvious.

Alright, as far as minor missteps in sequels are concerned, not a big deal.
Moving on.

The new villain of the day, the main one - Malekith, returns to darken the doorstep - literally - with the aether and his army of Dark Elves, not a cheerful bunch that you'd expect to be helping Father Christmas with his annual journey, more a black eyed army of fighters out to destroy the universe.

And it gets personal this time, Thor's love Jane Foster is more deeply involved in the chaos and his family are fighting alongside, with his friends.

As much scary dangers they all are fighting, one thing this film didn't lose with the director, is its sense of humour. The hilarious one liners are back in full force, possibly more than the first, probably half are Loki's, Tom Hiddleston obviously having a ball of time portraying this character, which originally wasn't there.
Personally, very glad he is, would have been a very different film without him.

All in all, the film takes you on a very enjoyable thrill ride and its one you'll want to see again and again.


  1. This quote comes from another film where they are fighting a battle, but manage to keep their sense of humour intact in the process.

    “[Watching the monk practice karate] Doc: Apparently he killed 23 men with his bare hands.
    Danny Meehan: Maybe I should take up karate.
    Doc: That was before he took up karate.”


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