Mini Series Review: The Game

Like with any truly excellent thriller, this one pulls you in from the get go and keeps you thoroughly intrigued by the goings on of undercover work in the 1970's, in London.

Which is when the world was very much afraid of what Soviet Russia was up to. The mood of the times and the subsequent actions of the main characters are faithfully recreated, as are the period cars, costume and every piece of essential paraphernalia, including the typewriter.

Brian Cox steadies the raft of (relative) unknown cast members, Joe Hughes (as Joe Lamb, the protagonist), Jonathan Aris, Victoria Hamilton, Shaun Dooley, Paul Ritter, Chloe Pirrie and Marcel Iures.

All give their roles their all, something that sets this series from others, is that every character has many layers for us (and the other characters) to unravel. Just when you think you have them pegged, they reveal yet another layer and its something else for you to think about, after first considering the various happenings of the episode.

The creator Toby Whithouse, known best for the series Being Human has created another new world that draws you in.
As a thriller that makes you think as well as entertain, you can't go pass this one without giving it a look. Fair warning though, "a look" will last a lot longer than you thought.


  1. This quote comes from an underrated thriller, just as clever as the series reviewed above.

    Devlin: "This room's bugged.
    Martin Rose: Not like you to be suspicious.
    Devlin: No, I'm just saying. It's routine around here. Confidential conversations are transcribed and filed away.
    Martin Rose: Better be careful what I say, then.
    Devlin: Yeah, or at least speak clearly. For the sake of the typist."


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