TV Series Review: iZombie

The similarities between this and Veronica Mars should not put you off watching this new creation from Rob Thomas.

What saves this from having only one season before being cancelled, is what saves a lot of other great shows.

Excellent, witty - banter. It occurs between all the characters, good and bad, and has a lot of pop culture references dropped in throughout that keeps you on your toes.

Procedural storyline, only fair as the main character - Liv Moore (Rose McIver) works in the police morgue and so a great deal of the bodies are there as a result of foul play. Her presence there goes both ways, as a newly formed zombie/med student, she gets food - brains of the recently deceased and a job.

Her boss Ravi (Rahul Kohli) soon figures out her secret and is her confidant in a way and also helps provide much of the comic relief.

And after digesting said brains, she also gets that person's memories, which also helps her new partner - Clive (Malcolm Goodwin), a detective in the Seattle Police Department (the show is set in Seattle - makes a nice change), solve that person's murder.

Robert Buckley portrays Liv's ex-fiance and David Anders, well experienced in portraying a conniving sneak in The Vampire Diaries, gives this show's main villain, Blaine just as much depth and dark humour in this series.

All in all, very entertaining and I look forward to the second season.


  1. This quote may not come from a film, but like the above series, it too is full of entertaining banter.

    “Lord Darlington: I like America. Name me another society that's gone from barbarism to decadence without bothering to create a civilization in between.
    Tuppy: A tribute to American efficiency.”


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