Film Review: War on Everyone

The current trend nowadays leans towards a politically correct and less offensive frame of mind. The benefits are massive, we don't offend, we aren't insensitive to different races, cultures, religions, ways of thinking. 
There are those from a previous generation who still feel its okay to do that, but aside from an orangeman in a white house, not many have a public sphere to shout their opinions. 

That said, like the comedian Omid Djalili has said in this video, from 9.51 to 10.08 its still funny. 

And like other quality black comedy films, War on Everyone is not there to offend, but to make people laugh with the lunacy and madness of it all. 
John Michael McDonagh, the man behind such films as Ned Kelly, Calvary and The Guard has created a mad rush of mayhem and chaos as only he can. And he doesn't disappoint with this one.

The two leads, Alexander SkarsgĂ„rd and Michael Pena portray Terry and Bob respectively, two corrupt cops in Albuquerque, New Mexico, who's blatant disregard for every single rule in society, their work as police officers and political correctness in general makes them a powerful force that is easily distracted by mimes, men with toupees and pianos. 

Its a wild ride full of sight gags and brilliant one liners, as they encounter some others more dangerous (and mad) than they are, portrayed by Theo James, Caleb Landry Jones, Tessa Thompson, David Wilmot and Malcolm Barrett.  

Very enjoyable. Go watch it!


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