Article on those who scare

There are plenty of scary characters out there in the films and tv series. They can be the good guys or the bad guys, or even both. Not just in the horror genre, but in the rest as well.

But there is a smaller grouping, those of the characters that really make your hair stand on end, shivers down your spine and make you properly tense until they meet a satisfying end that ensures that they won't suddenly make a comeback later.

Within this group, there are some actors who portray them, who manage to not only to scare the viewers, but also their fellow actors on set. Despite them being the ones that know full well how the story ends and if their characters live to fight another day.

So, let's honour a few of those who have the presence to wet the pants of those on set.

The late (great) Heath Ledger. While on set, Michael Caine (a screen veteran) hadn't yet met Mr Ledger before, so when he comes to the penthouse and performed, Mr Caine was frightened to an extent that he forgot his lines.

John Malkovich. He has portrayed some creeps in his time, one wonders about the actors on the set of Con Air for example. But here, he is on this list for his portrayal of Humma Kavula. On the film commentary, it is noted by the director that Martin Freeman was scared by him. Mr Freeman agrees, stating that "he does have a certain presence. And when he wants, he can be quite frightening."

That he is.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers. On the set of Mortal Instruments: City of Bones, both Jamie Campbell Bower and Lily Collins approached the director separately on set and said how scary Mr Meyers was, while in character. Here he was portraying Valentine Morgenstern.

Ralph Fiennes. Here on the list for his portrayal of Lord Voldemort (or Tom Riddle if you prefer) and this same persona really did scare Daniel Radcliffe while on set of the fourth film.

Toby Jones. His portrayal of Culverton Smith in the fourth series of Sherlock really did put everyone on edge at home and on the set, as well as in between takes, as he stayed in character then too. Amanda Abbington said in an interview that "truly terrifying" and he "frightened the bejesus out of us on set."


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