Film Review: Breaking Dawn Part 2

In my review of Breaking Dawn Part 2, I said the following:

"Despite it being a year off, I'm very excited for Part Two, and if it is like anything like Part One, it will be a great film and a wonderful end to the series."

As it turns out I was wrong.

This film was doubly as good as part one and an absolutely brilliant end to the series.

There is an obvious collaboration between Stephenie Meyer (author of the books) and Bill Condon, the director. It shows from the all the lines that are included from the book and the moments that are enlarged upon, or shrunk, to suit the film format.

New characters are introduced, but not all at once, the arrivals are timed well and staggered, to give the audience a chance to figure out who's who. And how they will influence the original characters.

When the book Breaking Dawn was first released, there was a huge outcry over the not-climatic battle between the Cullens and their allies, and the Volturi. On the official Stephenie Meyer website, she explains her reasons.

Which is enlarged on in the film. I won't spoil it, but it is very impressive and no money was skimped on special effects.

I loved every moment of this film, so very finely scored, written, acted, directed as it was. I wouldn't change a thing about it.


  1. This quote comes from another film I had been looking forward to seeing for a long time before it was released. And funnily enough, one of the cast, Jamie Campbell Bower, is also in Breaking Dawn Part 2.

    “Ben Jonson: Politics? My play has nothing to do with politics. I-i-i-it's just a simple comedy.
    Earl of Oxford: It showed your betters as fools who'd go through life barely managing to get food from plate to mouth were it not for the cleverness of their servants. All art is political, Jonson, otherwise it would just be decoration. And all artists have something to say, otherwise they'd make shoes. And you are not a cobbler, are you Jonson.”


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