Film Review: The Dark Knight Rises

Christopher Nolan, as it has already been proven in the last two epic films in this trilogy, does not do things by halves. Nor are the films he makes on any average level of storytelling shown by others.

The level of intensity previously expected by audiences of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, has been magnified a thousand fold in this, the final film in the trilogy. Not only are new characters introduced, but links between them and old characters created.

There are many layers but all are woven together to make it all seem, seamless. As well as this, the quality is still apparent in every frame.

The story does end, and the ending is satisfying.

Fair warning, this film takes you right to the edge of your seat and pushes.


  1. This quote comes from another film where the once one dimensional "heroes and villains" are given more depth than previously expected.

    “Sean Cassidy: You truly believe I'll fly this time?
    Professor Charles Xavier: Unreservedly.
    Sean Cassidy: I trust you.
    Professor Charles Xavier: I'm touched.
    Sean Cassidy: [pointing at Hank] I don't trust him.
    Professor Charles Xavier: [to Hank] Say nothing.
    Sean Cassidy: I'm gonna die!
    Professor Charles Xavier: Alright. Look, we're not gonna make you do anything without...
    Erik Lehnsherr: Here, let me help you. [pushes Sean off the antenna]
    Professor Charles Xavier: Erik!
    Erik Lehnsherr: What? You know you were thinking the same.”


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