Film Review: A Dangerous Method

David Cronenberg is apparently better known for his horror films, none of which I have seen before.

Keira Knightley is best known for her roles in "costume dramas". Michael Fassbender is still relatively a new rising star and has been in a variety of interesting roles. And Viggo Mortensen is probably best known to the world at large as Aragorn in the Lord of the Rings series.

So when this highly talented group of people came together to create a clever film about the birth of psychoanalysis, thanks to their various backgrounds, they had a bit of trouble at the box office. Their collective talents in films were ignored, which is a shame, as I would have liked to see Ms Knightley win a Golden Globe or maybe a Academy Award nomination for her role in this film.

This is a carefully crafted film from start to finish, with all actors completely invisible, leaving only Sigmund Freud, Sabina Spielrein and Carl Jung visible to the audience. Ms Knightley's accent especially is flawless and is kept in place throughout her scenes. The script is brilliant and keeps the pace, so you are never bored, but also never exhausted.

The score is also brilliant and matches the intensity and brevity in each scene.


  1. The quote comes from another film, where the script has two great people in verbal debates.

    “[Reston swore to Zelnick earlier he would never shake Nixon's hand] Richard Nixon: Pleasure to meet you. [Offers Reston his hand]
    James Reston, Jr.: [after a pause, he shakily extends his own hand] Mr. President...
    Bob Zelnick: [after Nixon leaves] Oh that was devastating, I don't think he's ever going to get over that.
    James Reston, Jr.: Fuck off.”


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