TV Show Review: Being Human (UK)

As is the way with successful and widely enjoyed British made television programmes and films, they are often remade by American based companies. Hence the acronym in the post title, specifying that this is a review of the brilliant TV Show Being Human, that for for the first three seasons, has Aidan Turner, Russell Tovey and Lenora Crichlow as the three main characters.

These three actors, portray Mitchell, George, and Annie, respectively, a vampire, werewolf and ghost.

Interestingly, the original story was not going to have the supernatural involved, at all. The three characters were going to be human, no pun intended, if not for the series creator, Toby Whithouse.

This is a very well made show, every action that the characters make, whether small or large, has an impact that makes it seem real and a proper TV drama. The special effects are simple, but effective.

The acting by all who appear is well executed and seamless. It is a black comedy, but is woven in well with the more dramatic and scary scenes, which says a lot about the screenwriters.

I thoroughly enjoy this program.


  1. These two quotes comes from films that also has a mix of drama and black comedy, of sorts

    “Jacob: I mean, she's like your sister!
    Father Brian Kilkenney Finn: Thank you for adding new depth to my confusion.”

    “Mr. Smith: I move my finger one inch to use my turn signal. Why are these assholes so lazy they can't move their finger one fucking measly inch to drive more safely? You wanna know why?
    DQ: Not particularly.
    Mr. Smith: Because these rich bastards have to be callous and inconsiderate in the first place to make all that money, so when they get on the road, they can't help themselves. They've gotta be callous and inconsiderate drivers too. It's in their nature.”


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