Film Review: Warm Bodies

There are many actors these days, who can convey so much with just their facial expressions. In fact, if technology took a huge step back and we were back in the silent film era, they'd be fine. Keanu Reeves, not so much.

Joining this long list of actors, is Nicholas Hoult, who is in this film portrays R, a zombie, which typically involves a lot of grunting and shuffling around.
Combined with some first point of view character narration and yes - first class facial expressions that keep the story progressing nicely.

Fans of Being Human (UK version) can rejoice, the black comedy in this film is remarkably similar in tone and somehow feels like a continuation of the episode "Type 4". (Series 3, episode 3 if you're curious.)

The setting of this story is the zombie apocalypse and one of the surviving humans, is Julie (Teresa Palmer) and after the typical fight/bloodbath, between the two warring communities, she is 'taken in' by R, who is feeling something for her, which is strange because zombies don't feel.

John Malkovich also stars as Julie's strict father and Analeigh Tipton as her friend. Dave Franco puts in an appearance as Julie's boyfriend and Rob Corddry as R's friend. M.

All in all, a very funny film and enjoyable, short and sweet.

Not many zombie films (except Zombieland) can say the same.


  1. This quote comes from another film with the same kind of comedy.

    Mario: "Why would she want to stay with her family in sunny Italy when she can return to cold and grey Germany to live there with a nut case like you?"


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