TV Series Review: The Originals

Anyone familiar with The Vampire Diaries, will remember The Originals.

The Original vampires, most dysfunctional (and long living) family ever. Klaus, Elijah and Rebekah Mikaelson all with a thousand year history, find themselves in New Orleans, once their home, which is now ruled by another vampire. The charismatic and charming, Marcel Gerard. (Portrayed by Charles Michael Davis)

Much like Mystic Falls, New Orleans has every kind of supernatural, vampire, witch, werewolf, all vying for power and life in the French Quarter.

Klaus (portrayed by Joseph Morgan) (hybrid) is there, the currently downtrodden witch community have made contact and he wants to know why. (Phoebe Tonkin portraying Hayley, a werewolf, is a big part of it.)

Elijah (portrayed by Daniel Gillies), the big brother of the family, known for being noble and polite, keeping his word, is there to find out what the witches want from his brother.

Rebekah, (portrayed by Claire Holt) there is no love lost between her and Klaus, she's worried about Elijah. And as the first season progresses, it becomes obvious that there is history between her and Marcel, literally.

What is really clever about this show, is that the lines that divide the good guys and the bad guys, are blurred completely. The best kind of bad guys are the ones you root for just as much as the good guys, and here, you're supporting all of them.

Klaus can be a monster, but there are scenes that show his depth and that he cares for other people, not just himself. Elijah too, as was mentioned above, is noble and polite, but can just as easily spill blood as his brother can. 
This show proves its very equal opportunity, the girls fight as much as the boys. 

The special effects are good and the story line is balanced out well in its twenty two episode season. The other great part of this series, is the humour. All the characters have very funny one liners, its a strength that they don't take it too seriously. All in all, very entertaining.


  1. This quote comes a film with similar humour.

    “Agent Sands: Mexico's my beat, and I'm walking it.”


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