Film Review: The Imitation Game

This film is a true masterpiece in every sense of the word, in every possible way, costume and production design. The score has been composed by the brilliant Alexandre Desplat and of course acting, directing and editing.

A great film entertains, a masterpiece such as this opens your eyes, to a little known story that should be taught to all. Alan Turing was the man who created something that helped shorten a war, so many peoples and places owe themselves to his work.

Benedict Cumberbatch completely disappears into the role of Alan Turing, it is as though the real Alan came back to make this film before leaving to give Mr Cumberbatch the credit of his miraculous reappearance.

The other actors are similarly transformed into their roles, Matthew Goode, Charles Dance, Keira Knightley, Mark Strong, Allen Leech, Tuppence Middleton, Rory Kinnear, Steven Waddington, Tom Goodman-Hill and Matthew Beard all bring such depth to their characters and combined with the strength of Mr Cumberbatch's skill in bringing such a complicated character to screen, make every frame a very real wonder.

And it seems I am not the only one to think this, Mr Cumberbatch's co-actors had this to say:

"I think he's a wonderful actor that never tries to simplify anything," actress Keira Knightley told ET. "He always relishes in the complexities of the characters he plays, and brings great humanity to them."

Co-star Charles Dance, best known for his work as Tywin Lannister on HBO'sGame Of Thrones, shared Knightley's sentiments.
"If Benedict isn't at least nominated for this, then there's no justice," Dance told ET. "Benedict is a phenomenally talented actor, he really is."
This is a superb film, and even if it does not win many awards, it should win over all those who see it.

"This is a story that is really dear to my heart," Cumberbatch said. "And if it gets out to a broader audience because people are excited about my performance? All the better."

At the screening I attended, after it had finished, a lot of people applauded. And that is the second time I have been present for something like that.


  1. This quote comes from another film about a famous English person and it is clever, in that there are more in the story than you might think.

    Norfolk: "So cut off my head, and make me a martyr. The people will always remember it.
    Walsingham: No… they will forget."


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