TV Series Review: Penny Dreadful

Usually I wait until I've seen at least three episodes of a series before posting a review, but this time, I decided not to wait.

Those who loved Carnivale and despaired at it being cancelled after two seasons, can now rejoice, something has finally arrived to plug the gap where it once was on TV.

Eva Green, Josh Hartnett, Timothy Dalton, Harry Treadaway, this particular (regulars) combination of fine actors in a unpredictable storyline set in early twentieth century London, with regular references to period literature and different, original takes on the supernatural, why are you still reading?

The score is by Abel Korzeniowski, which as every great score should, adds that extra layer to the scenes.

Very much looking forward to the third episode now, an appearance by Rory Kinnear, not just Bond's and M's Tanner in the Bond films. Who knew?


  1. This quote comes from the last great supernatural themed film I watched that put it own unique take on the matter.

    “Kevin: Hey.
    R: [voice-over] Say something human. Say something human. ‘How... are... you...’ [voice-over] Nailed it.”


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