TV Mini-series Review: Jericho

Steve Thompson, best known for helping to write three episodes of BBC's Sherlock, has created something new and special in Jericho.

What really makes the eponymous shanty town unique, is the history interwoven into the stories. 1870s in the Yorkshire Dales, definitely had its rich culture, as base and blunt as it may seem, there are songs and camaraderie among the drinking and fighting.

Charles Blackwood (Daniel Rigby) has plans to build a viaduct, he just needs the ongoing capital to make this venture work. He is one of the gentleman characters, yes the good old class system is very much in play here and helps to provide much of the conflict.

The town is built of the people to work on the viaduct and those who come with, it is very much a temporary structure.

The story begins with Annie Quaintain, recently widowed with two children, who is forced to move when the combination of her late husband's debts and her inability to find work in town, she is given a helping hand to begin a new life in the shanty town.
She is portrayed by Jessica Raine, and the character reminds me a lot of the character of Margaret Schroeder in Boardwalk Empire, in the first season - tough, capable and when pushed into a corner, shows her true colours.

Her encounters, first with a "navvy" man, John, (here portrayed by Hans Matheson) and Ralph Coates (Clarke Peters) help her and her family settle into the town. There are others.

Unlike ITV, I have enjoyed what I have seen so far. The writing is entertaining, and the characters each have their own hidden depths to make it a mystery.
So far have watched half of the episodes so far, it seems that the series has been cancelled. Which is unfortunate, but predictable.


  1. This quote comes from another story where the love part is under considerable social class pressure.

    “Wallis Simpson: Are you trying to seduce me?
    Edward: Is it working?”


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