Film Review: Captain America - Civil War

The opening scene of this film sets the emotional tone for the film and incidentally is pretty much the only breather you get before the setting is stuck for the next two hours on full on thriller mode.

So, edge of seat, hands on mouth, all of the above, except for some moments of levity and humour, usually from the character lines of Tony Stark - typical, and from the supporting actors.

Which takes true skill.

For most, the focus is on the main characters, fair enough, as that is who the film is centred on and who the plot lines depend on, their choices and actions. But the supporting actors generally provide the conflict, whether it is the main conflict, or the little annoyances that are the fly in the ointment.

And if they all stick in your mind, make you think about their choices and their actions that bring the main characters to the fore and start doing what they do best - that is something special. They often only have a few scenes on their lonesome, the majority with the mains and that means they have to be memorable, without taking all the attention.

So, bravo to Daniel Bruhl and Martin Freeman and William Hurt. They have helped make this film what it is (along with the usual director, screenwriter, editor et al). Truly excellent quality.


  1. This quote comes from another high quality action movie, with great moments of humour.

    “Rocket: Quit smiling, you're supposed to be professional.”


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