TV series review: Lucifer

Joseph Morgan, Matt Ryan and now to complete this trifecta of Welsh actors portraying a highly entertaining combination of wise ass, smart arse, shit stirrer characters - Tom Ellis as the baddest of the bad - Lucifer Morningstar, the devil himself.

The episodes' only opening credits, brings everyone up to speed, Lucifer is having a vacation in LA. Not everyone is pleased with this, and this becomes the baseline plot, once it appears that the constant to the episodes is a procedural.

The foil to Lucifer (and vice versa) is a detective, Chloe Decker (portrayed by Lauren German), single mum and can hold her own against Lucifer, much to his constant chagrin and amusement.
Hence all the banter and cheeky one liners.

The rest of the main cast, DB Woodside, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Kevin Alejandro and Rachel Harris are all excellent too, and I found out that this has been renewed for a second series, after seeing the pilot.

A lot of fun, all round.


  1. This quote comes from one third of the characters mentioned in the above review.

    Zed: Follow me.
    Chas: I think we should do as she says.
    John: Alright but we don't have to just jump when she says it [waits 3 seconds] ok that’s long enough, lets go.


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