Australian films

These includes films that are filmed here by American or whoever else producers/directors in Australia.

Sanctum pops to mind.

But there are others, some that barely get a limited release in cinemas, or even on dvd.

I am quite passionate about all Australian films, and mention them myself, when the usual channels ignore or give them a bad review, even if they haven't seen them themselves. Because funding is sometimes limited, a lot of films have to go through a long line of checking and proofing by whoever is producing the work, which means the ones that do make it to this stage, are of the highest quality, before the actors and directors have their chance to put their two cents worth in.

Of course, its not just the films that are given the run around. Actors and Actresses from Australia, who's talent far outstrips others of their kind, who's publicity is just better financed, are either in leading roles and excelling in every way possible and not noticed, or in supporting roles, while the less talented actor/actress is getting all the attention.

Current example that leaps to mind, and starts doing cartwheels, the actress Abbie Cornish in the film Bright Star. Her performance, should have been shouted from the hill tops, as it was the pinnacle that every other actor in the business should aim for. When I saw this film, I was not watching an actress recite a few well written lines, and put on a sad face for the more dramatic scenes. What I saw, was a character in the film, and just that. Clear and simple.

Some of the first Australian films that I can remember seeing when I was young, were Storm Boy, Adventures of Priscilla - Queen of the Desert, The Magic Pudding, which are now considered great classics.

At the moment, Peaches, Thunderstruck (for which I was an extra in), Ned Kelly, Stranded, Candy, Finding Nemo, The Jammed, Footy Legends, Looking for Alibrandi, Strictly Ballroom, The Square, Animal Kingdom, The Night we Called it a Day, Balibo, The Dish, and so many others, are quality films that if I have not even seen, hold in high regard.

Australian films are unique and should be considered as much as the mainstream ones that they have to fight for just as much attention and mention, if not more.

The first post, has all the Australian quotes I currently have in my collection.


  1. A couple of these will be from tv shows.
    “Cleaver Greene: You know what my first act will be when I run this country?
    Melissa Partridge: Make threesomes compulsory?
    Cleaver Greene: Okay... uhhh... my second act will be to abolish five day weather forecasts and publicly execute those who give them.”

    “Glenn Latham: Everything's fine.
    Al Burnett: Except we lost Apollo 11!
    Glenn Latham: Oh, except for that.”

    “Lloyd: [after being handed a black AC/DC shirt] Do you have anything in white?
    Sam: How many AC/DC shirts do you see made in white?
    Lloyd: Well, it's going to be a bit hot wearing black in the desert, Sam.”

    “Captain Stanley: Australia. What fresh hell is this?”

    “Mary Bryant: I am no hero, and I have no ambition to be made into one. There are some in this court today who have tried to make me something that I am not. I am guilty as charged, as are the two men standing beside me. Not many of us transported can claim to be innocent - some are wicked, and deserve to be feared, but most are not. Most are men and women who risked their lives to feed themselves and their families. Guilty we may be, but worthless we are not. There are many like us in this country, and to transport us away is another country's gain, and this country's loss. Those that survive the harshness of the colonies are the true heroes. I tried to build a life amongst them, and would have been content to be their companion, but I stole away for the sake of my children, I could not see them starve. I have lost everything I hold dear to me, my husband, my children. So you can take my life, but these men- the courage they have should not be choked out of them.”

    “[as the pelicans watch Gerald choking on his breakfast] Nigel: Reckon somebody oughta help the poor guy.
    Pelicans: [all shrug and mutter] Yeah, yeah right...
    Nigel: [sarcastically] Well, don't everybody fly off at once.”

    Ned Kelly: "I wore it seriously, my hero's sash of green and gold - proof that I'd saved a life as well."

  2. Another thing, this quote has apparently been said by the well known actress Holly Hunter. If it hasn't, I apologise for misquoting her.
    But I still think it should be spread by the most accessible form of media for all to read.
    “Holly Hunter’s on Abbie Cornish in Bright star: The movie takes place in the mid-19th century. There’s something incredibly of that time about Abbie Cornish. The frankness of the performance though feels very modern. It’s a beautiful combination. It made the movie more complicated because of that conflict in the character — what she wanted versus what her times would allow her. The tenderness that the character had the softness was so completely of her. Abbie Cornish isn’t brazen but she has a certain defiance. From the first time that the camera discovers her Fanny I felt that there was an incredible acceptance on her part of what this love was going to ask. And some of it in some ways was beyond her means. And none of it did Keats seem to require. Fanny’s reading of Milton and Shelley didn’t seem to be a requirement of his. It was something that she took on. I felt it was very naive and charming. This was a desire that she had so much so that she flagrantly lied to Brown about having read everybody in a week. She was a neophyte. She was new at poetry didn’t understand poetry. She couldn’t find a way in. But I loved her.”


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