"Like seams in the concrete..."

This quote is from an old favourite of mine, and it starts off the moment when the characters realise that all is not lost, they can still win the day. The music, also helps you realise that there is still hope.

And the line is spoken by the character who is blind. This film, Sneakers, with its cast that includes Robert Redford, David Strathairn James Earl Jones, River Phoenix, Dan Akroyd and Sir Ben Kingsley, is one of my favourites, because it is funny, clever and a thriller, all at the same time.

Robert Redford is the unofficial leader of his group, each of the members have certain skills that make them indispensable and unstoppable force, but each have witty one liners that stop this film from being too serious.

I would highly recommend this film to anyone, I was first introduced to it at a young age, and I still find it entertaining as anything, almost fourteen years on.


  1. This quote is not from Sneakers, its from another movie altogether.

    Almost every day, I will post a quote here, and I challenge all who read it to guess where it comes from.

    “Now go to France. The queen of France is sophisticated. Be useful to her, amuse her. She'll admire your spirit. Learn from her. Observe the ladies of the court. See how they achieve what they want from their men, not by stamping their little feet but by allowing the men to believe that they, indeed, are in charge. That is the art of being a woman.”


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