Film Review: Paul

After seeing Run Fatboy Run, Hot Fuzz, I was very excited about seeing this film as well. The premise is of two sci fi nerds from the UK, best friends, played by Nick Frost and Simon Pegg, come to America to go to Comic Con (a real event held yearly) and see some sights made famous by alien encounters of some kind.

Travelling by motor home, they have a close encounter of their own, when a truck crashes near them and they go to investigate. A real alien, who calls himself Paul, voiced by Seth Rogen, tells them that he needs to go home and that he needs their help.

This isn't ET, and Paul's been on earth for some time, so he's adjusted, and has weed in his backpack, and a bit of a potty mouth to boot. The support cast includes Kristen Wiig, who has recently released a film that she co -wrote, Jason Bateman, Sigourney Weaver, Bill Hader and Blythe Danner. Steven Spielberg, lends a reference and his voice to the film. Which merely adds to the mountain of hilarious bits and references to other similarly themed films to Paul.


  1. One quote comes from Paul, the other from Hot Fuzz.

    "…Your arrest record is four hundred percent higher than any other officer, which is why it's high time that such... skills... were put to better use. We're making you sergeant.
    Nicholas Angel: I see.
    Sergeant: [mumbles]
    Nicholas Angel: In where, sorry?
    Sergeant: In Sandford, Gloucestershire.
    Nicholas Angel: But that's in the country...
    Sergeant: Yes! Lovely!
    Nicholas Angel: Isn't there a sergeant's position here in London?
    Sergeant: Oh, no.
    Nicholas Angel: Can I remain here as a PC?
    Sergeant: No.
    Nicholas Angel: Do I have any choice in this?
    Sergeant: No!
    Nicholas Angel: Sergeant, I kinda like it here.
    Sergeant: Well, you've always wanted a transfer to the country.
    Nicholas Angel: In twenty years or so, yes.
    Sergeant: Well done you."

    Graeme Willy: "What’s the matter Clive?
    Clive Gollings: There is an alien in the kitchen making bagels and coffee.
    Graeme Willy: Did you want tea?
    Clive Gollings: No, I don't want tea!
    Graeme Willy: Right, because tea is weird in America."


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