Film Review: X Men First Class

First off, let me just say, I have never been into comic books, aside from the ones that Murray Ball wrote about a farm dog in rural New Zealand.

But that didn't mean I was any less excited about the film X Men First Class's release and seeing it at the cinema for the first time.

After having watched the last four X Men films, I thought was well and truly prepared for anything this one might throw at me. I usually expect something similar, when faced with an origins film, but this one brought things to a whole other level. Not just in the extraordinary intensified action scenes, directed by the man who showed us his skill in the films Layer Cake and Kick Ass: Michael Vaughn. But also the scenes which showed the characters' vulnerabilities and fears.

The scripting was well done as well, it was not all one sided, nor did the characters portrayed seem black and white. There was no clear "bad guy" except from the obvious character of Sebastian Shaw. And even he had just as much ambition and a clear goal, just as much as the "good guys".

James McAvoy, Michael Fassbender, Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult and Kevin Bacon are all very skilled actors, and in this film, you can see their abilities, not just the special effects and the makeup, which are on almost the same level.

Supporting cast is excellent too, Oliver Platt, January Jones, Rose Byrne round out the cast list quite nicely. There is a cameo for a familiar face, which raised a few laughs in the cinema, and its not the only humorous moment in the film, there are many others, scattered throughout.


  1. This time, the quote comes from a movie that Matthew Vaughn produced.

    Turkish: "I fail to recognize the correlation between losing ten grand, hospitalizing Gorgeous, and a good deal."


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